16 agosto, 2010

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  1. Autorretrato Nº 62

    The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Myself, Diego and Señor Xólotl

    The subject of this painting contains many elements derived from ancient Mexican mythology. Frida's inability to bear children led her to adopt a maternal role towards Diego. In the center of the painting, like a Madonna, she holds her husband Diego in a love embrace that illustrates the combining relationship of women and men. Although the woman is the nurturing figure, the man has the third eye of wisdom in his forehead, so they are both dependent on each other.
    Embracing the human couple is the Aztec Earth Mother, Cituacoatl, made from clay and rock. The outermost figure, the Universal Mother, embraces Cituacoatl. In the foreground, the Itzcuintli dog, Senor Xolotl, is more than simply one of the artist's favorite pets: it represents Xolotl, a being in the form of a dog who guards the underworld. In this painting, Frida presents life, death, night, day, moon, sun, man and woman all in a recurring dichotomy which is deeply intertwined and all is held together by two powerful mythological beings.
    In August of 1947, Frida drew a primitive sketch of this painting in her diary.

  2. Doctor Stanley Polarbip16 de agosto de 2010, 14:01

    Frida Khalo es un desastre como pintora y artista.
    Abajo con el mito del artista victimizado.

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